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Sustainable Living … Healthy Planet

As we head into fall, 2022 seems to be the year of festivals and getting everything back together,
and it’s good to see the array of events and activities planned. This stream of activities flowing
through social media feeds and email is a reflection of our buoyant community.

We are witnessing new awareness and conscious efforts, at least in the U.S., to change our industries and individual lifestyles. Programs and funding are available through federal agencies, California, and some other states toward adopting forward-looking regulations to eliminate gasoline-powered vehicles in the next 10 years and other climate-related issues. Now the onus is on all of us as individuals to make adjustments and changes for a sustainable and healthy Mother Earth!

We can start with houses—the most significant and most important investment for most of
us. Our main feature this month is “Sustainable Sanctuaries,” about creating a sustainable
home, and it contains good advice for someone looking to upgrade, remodel or rebuild
their own. It covers every aspect of home building, including eco-responsible materials,
energy conservation, water preservation, durability, and more. Even if you are not doing
these things now, you might want to keep this article for quick reference when you need it.
As for festivities, we are thinking of meeting friends and family more often post-COVID.
There will be dancing, which is fun and relaxing and one of the best workouts.
In our Fit Body department, “The joy of Movement”, we explore not so obvious benefits of

Our October issue contains much more about health and wellness from our local healthcare providers, with something for all ages. Find even more great information in our online edition at Natural Awakenings Hudson County is your all-season health and wellness resource for body, mind, and soul—the physical body and inner, spiritual, well-being. Like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy! 

Anil Singh, Publisher


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