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Natural Awakenings Hudson County NJ

Health Briefs

(50 to 250 words)

These are “healthy tips” that cover findings from leading-edge research or a new health trend in a relevant field. They are informative, educational descriptions that briefly identify and address a health condition with a suggested approach or general type of treatment that might benefit readers. It can also focus on the benefits of a particular natural ingredient such as an herb, vitamin or mineral.

Below we’ve supplied a series of questions for you to answer, our writers will create your editorial piece based on your answers. You can write as much as you like (and we encourage you to do so, the more you include, the more our writers have to work with and the better your piece will be), but we will be limiting your piece to 50 to 250 words after editing. All fields are required. If a field does not pertain to your submission, simply type Not Applicable in that field.

All submissions will be edited for Natural Awakenings style. We supply a fact-check and contact info proof before publication. All editorial is free of charge and is a very important support piece included in our advertiser’s marketing plans.

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