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Zero Point Energy

Apr 30, 2024 09:42AM ● By Anil Singh

Good news for all who want to transform their lives! There is an amazing point-in the Universe–the origin point of creation– called the Zero Point Energy or the Zero Point Field. The Zero Point is the Void from which everything in creation came from. I consider the Zero Point as Divine Intelligence. Scientists understand the Zero Point Field is not empty space, as once thought. It is filled with a flurry of activity at the subatomic level of quanta or strings of energy frequencies just waiting for us—any of us or all of us—to give it direction for our next creation.

This Zero Point Energy is available to all of us. I also call the Zero Point the white board. We can erase the white board of aspects of our lives and start our lives over again. We can erase the past mistakes, grievances, unforgiveness, and all our emotional upset. We can let go of all the events of our lives that are holding us back. We can let go of our fears, anxiety, and stress. Letting all this go frees us up to discover who we really are meant to be. From that place, we can live from a higher vibrational frequency.

The Zero Point or the white board represent the energized space where we can go and create something new- even something never done before. You can reinvent yourself, change your career, start a new business, spearhead a new mission project, run a marathon, write a book—yes, anything. There are unlimited possibilities and infinite potential in the Zero Point.

What is so wonderful about this type of transformation is that our past doesn’t have to define us or limit us. We can start a new chapter in our life. I don’t believe we are meant to do the same thing for our whole life! We are meant to explore, experiment, discern, grow, and evolve. We are meant to discover and become our True Selves. We are meant to be aligned with the Divine’s Plan for us.

We could get out of our comfort zones and go for the gold! We could discover what brings us joy, peace, and serenity. We no longer need to accept stress, fear, and anxiety as the way life is. We no longer need to let money control our lives and every decision. There are all kinds of new potentials for each of us in the vastness of unlimited possibilities—in the vastness of the Universe. We can be free and exercise our free will to align and be as the Divine created us to be- to make the impact our Souls planned for us, to make the world a more loving, benevolent place by creating that in our own lives.

This represents the benevolence of Divine Love. I wish you love, peace, and joy on your new adventure. If you want help connecting to this Zero Point Energy, please contact me at [email protected] or 201-925-1046.

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