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The Nute Juice Journey

Now you can have nutrient-dense, immune-boosting juice delivered right to your door thanks to Nute Juice: a concept born locally in Jersey City during the pandemic to combat “weakened immune systems, low energy, depression and sedimentary weight gain”. 

Nute Juice is not sold in stores because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not allow unpasteurized juice to be sold wholesale. That makes local delivery even more convenient. The raw juices are pressed on Good Nature machines, the industry-leading machinery for cold pressing superior quality juice. The owners have rented a space for their ghost kitchen delivery service concept, combining delicious recipes, vibrantly enlightened minds and entrepreneurial muscle.

Unpasteurized juice has superior flavor and many more nutrients. We are only as healthy as what we put in our mouths and consistently consuming nutrient-dense foods will keep our immune systems running like an Olympic track star.

The cold-press juice found in the grocery store has been heat pasteurized to extend the shelf life for many months or high-pressure pasteurized to extend the shelf life for 30 to 60 days . It also contains added water to make the product more "affordable", and added sugars.

Nute Juice makes bottles, cleanses and ginger bombs. Orders can be placed weekly for delivery on Monday or Tuesday of each week. Covers all of Hudson except Bayonne (check back regularly because the delivery area is expanding).

For more information or to order, visit

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