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It is Possible to Reverse Aging

The heat wave continues, but we all can feel that fall is around the corner. Things are
looking good all around—a mild recession, eventually leading to more economic activity— with
the pandemic is mostly under control, Our American values of compassion and leadership are preserved and thriving.

The misunderstood idea of abundance is generally a source of confusion. We are lucky in one sense to enjoy an abundance of natural resources and consumer goods and thus are at a disadvantage in valuing the importance of it all. But our unsustainable lifestyle
and actions are leading to unprecedented changes in nature.

Our fall edition wonderfully depicts both the challenges and ways to stay healthy, and younger and reverse the aging process. Researchers are able to reverse biological age using factors that turn on positive gene expressions and turn off those that may activate life-threatening diseases. The use of natural and yoga moves to gracefully age while preserving our energy, flexibility and strength. For food enthusiasts, we showcase dehydration techniques to preserve nutritional value and use produce in off season without preservatives.

Read about all this and much more about health and wellness from our local health care providers. There is a lot of good information inside this magazine, with something for all ages. There is even more in our online edition at Natural Awakenings Hudson County is your all-season health and wellness resource for body, mind and soul—the physical body and inner, spiritual, well-being. Like us on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!
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