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Natural Awakenings Hudson County NJ

‘(R)evolutionary Love’ Class Promotes Healing

Meditation and yoga teacher LaurieG will lead a livestream class, (R)evolutionary Love: Self-Compassion and Care in Challenging Times, from 2 to 4 p.m. on February 14.

“This deeply nourishing, insightful and healing practice was created to support you in showing up more wholeheartedly in the space of your relations—beginning with yourself, spirit and center,” she says. “It’s been a rough go of it for many of us. In the past year we have endured heartbreak, loss, grief and countless falling offs, and we are longing for connection—just getting through the day can feel like a lot. Can we do so loving ourselves through it? Love for ourselves is foundational.”

The class will include breathwork, contemplation, mantra, meditation, slow-flowing movement and Yoga Nidra.

One of LaurieG’s first teachers, Erich Schiffmann, suggests that at the heart of practice is opening ourselves so we may simply be “the space through which love flows.”

“We will listen inwardly for a deeper understanding of the ways in which we have abandoned ourselves and otherwise inhibited the flow of love—and call the whole of ourselves home to relax like a wave, back into the ocean of the boundless love available to us,” LaurieG says. “You will emerge feeling the love, deeply relaxed and inspired, with your cup filled to pour from.”

Cost: $25. For more information, call 201-683-4002 or visit

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