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Discovering Our Divine Magnificence

Dr. Anne Deatly works with professionals that are stuck in their career. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Smith College, a Ph.D. in microbiology from the Vanderbilt School of Medicine and is an advanced certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner. She says, “I show them how to tap into their innate wisdom and discover their unlimited potential. I bridge science, spirit and human potential so professionals can be their best physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.”

Her new book, Journey to True Self: Discover Your Divine Magnificence, she says is “primarily for people that want to be on a spiritual journey to know the truth and the wisdom about life in our universe. They are seeking to know themselves at a deeper level. This is not a journey of religion. This journey is an inward journey that helps you finally discover who you really are and why you are here on Earth. My personal belief is that all people here now are involved in this great awakening—the discovery that we are way more than just a human physical body. We are Souls within a body.”

Deatly explains, “We are here on Earth to discover who we really are and to learn, grow, and evolve in specific and unique ways. It is our soul that guides us in life if we are connected to it. Our soul is all about evolving to higher vibrational frequencies and higher levels of consciousness. Our souls can only learn and grow through the physical experience where there are challenges, blocks and obstacles that help us grow and expand. Once you understand this concept, you will learn to embrace all that is happening and to understand the higher purpose of the situation.”

The book is written as four sections of a spiritual journey. “Life is a spiritual journey, our divine purpose, awakening on the spiritual journey, and crossing the bridge from the physical to the spiritual. It is packed with wisdom and opportunities to grow,” advises the author. In addition to the wisdom content, there are verses on specific topics, personal stories and reflections, client stories and specific exercises to help in each of the journey sections.

She says, “To explain how magnificent we all really are, I share content about consciousness, energy healing, quantum physics, science, spirituality and sacred geometry, along with universal wisdom and truths. It is my deepest desire that you benefit from the teachings I share in this book to become your true self and discover your divine magnificence.”

The book is available from Amazon at For more information, call 201-925-1046 or visit

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