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Natural Awakenings Hudson County NJ

Summertime Sizzles

The time is now to break from the daily grind and enjoy longer, warmer days. Head south and enjoy some time on the beach or by the pool. A break can sometime be magical and give you new perspectives and energy. It has been a hot spring, and most likely a hotter summer is in the cards, so hydrate well and avoid the sun for extended periods.

In pursuit of holistic living, an Ayurvedic approach can play a very important role as a non-invasive, natural way to improve your health and wellness. The principle works by balancing three doshas, or principles. By incorporating dosha-balancing foods and herbs, along with other lifestyle changes, our bodies and minds can reset.

Natural Awakenings of North Jersey is your best all-season health and wellness resource for body, mind and soul—the physical body and inner, spiritual, well-being. For regular updates on natural health and wellness, like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Find even more great information in our online edition at

Enjoy life and stay healthy, stay happy!

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