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Be a Mindful Consumer This Holiday!

Wow, the year had gone past like a flash, and we are into the holiday season. We live in a world of excess. The consumerist way of thinking is to continuously consume, and even waste if there is excess. We should be thinking about the 3Rs—Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. The first tenet of reduction is to make a good judgment of what is essential and really needed, become a conscious consumer, and realize that life can be enjoyable with less. Our tips for mindful shopping can be handy during the holiday season.

Because most of you are already planning ahead for the holidays, we have some perfect recommendations for healthy recipes, especially the vegetable pot pie, which can be a quick wholesome, healthy meal for any family gathering.

While we are running around, keep an eye on health and mindfulness. Holiday workouts will surely add a spring to your step. Check out our holiday workout article for tips to stay motivated and stick to a fitness plan. Breathing is one of the body’s functions, but there are ways to improve it. It’s not surprising that the correct way of breathing can be very helpful, starting with increasing energy levels. Yoga has a whole dedicated practice for breathing—Pranayama,. It is an ancient breathing technique to control and develop breathing for various health benefits.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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