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Feng Shui Facts and Fantasy

Feng shui translates to “wind water”. Wind: the energy we feel; water: the energy we see. The principles of feng shui create a harmonious relationship between the energy we see and feel, considering forms, directions, colors, shapes, elements, objects, timing and us.

The most important piece is us, our relationship to our space, what is happening in our life now and where we want to go. Our personal feng shui will vary at different times in life. The best feng shui is to be open to change. Imagine home as a living vision board that changes as we change. Everything in feng shui has a reason and a purpose.

Do not use the number four: The Chinese word for death sounds like “four”, therefore someone whose native language is Chinese or is of Chinese culture may not want to use it.

In feng shui, four equals southeast, the area of “fortunate blessings, prosperity”. Four bamboo stalks in the southeast nourish this part of our life.

Keep the toilet lid closed or money will go down the drain: Feng shui promotes safe and healthy living, so close the lid when flushing to keep everything contained. However: if we believe we are flushing money away, we will look for ways to prove it. Bathrooms have lots of water, and water is symbolic of wealth. Dripping faucets mean that money is slowly dripping away. The same goes for outdated subscriptions on autopay and things that have not been completed, thus stopping money from coming in. Keep bathrooms neat and clean; pipes maintained and close the lid when flushing. Also add fresh flowers or bamboo.

Mirrors at the front door: Mirrors enhance energy, Feng shui uses them to reflect beauty, double blessings and expand spaces. A mirror on a wall directly opposite the front door is not recommended; when the door is opened, the mirror reflects the energy and pushes it back out of the house. The front door is the “mouth of chi” (energy), important for bringing in good health, wealth and opportunity.

Sitting with our back to the door is bad feng shui. In fact sitting with our back to a wall and a view of the door is the “command position.” We are focused and open to opportunity. With our back to the door, the central nervous system is on alert, unprotected and distracted, plus we are turning our back on opportunities.

Feng shui offers opportunities to reflect on ourselves, who we are, where we are and where we want to go. Recommendations help create the life we love and deserve. Trust our instincts and be open to change. Ask questions, if it doesn’t make sense, ask again.

Free introductory call. Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt., is a certified feng shui, NLP, past-life regression and energy-clearing practitioner and master teacher. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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