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Rumbling and Grumbling Earth

Global warming is a big factor in climate change, and scientists across the world have proven that it is real. Most people think it is only part of climate change, but it is a climate change. They think that heat waves are part of global warming, but that is not correct, it is different. Global warming means the whole Earth heats up, not just certain areas. The average temperature keeps climbing, higher and higher every year across the world. For example, the summer of 2023 was the hottest summer globally since the 1880s. The rising temperature has one main effect—it melts the centuries-old, beautiful glaciers.

It may seem to some that more water means more beach pool parties, but it's bigger than that. The Earth’s atmosphere behaves like a tea kettle on a cooktop—rumbling and grumbling. The consequences are more natural disasters, more floods, and unpredictable weather patterns. What about the animals in the polar regions when the glaciers melt away? The animals like polar bears will have no place to live.

These are the basics of global warming; you can find more scientific data on the internet. Remember that there are many more factors and very disastrous effects on Earth due to it. Let’s find ways to control global warming and make a calm and cool place to live for our generation.

Aviana Singh is a sixth-grader at East Brook Middle School, in Paramus, NJ. She is working against climate change to save our planet.

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