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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Many times, conditions of the pelvic floor can be addressed without surgery. If the need arises for a visit to a physical therapist in the field of pelvic floor therapy as recommended by a doctor, a trained specialist can explain the symptoms and issues. The therapist will devise a specialized program and routine to help reduce the pain or discomfort by training and strengthening the muscles.

Some of the major conditions that are treated by a physical therapist are bladder and bowel issues, prolapse, inability to have penetrative sex or painful penetration, pregnancy or postpartum recovery and incontinence. The duration of  the pelvic floor therapy can range from a week or more. Those that need therapy for minor issues may need to spend less time compared to those suffering from major conditions.

The first session may involve a general interaction with the physical therapist, sitting in different positions and examining the back, hips and waist areas. They are well aware that the issues of the pelvic floor are very intimate and personal, and will keep patients informed about every step to remain comfortable.

For the last part of the assessment, the physical therapist may need to conduct an internal examination of the pelvic area using a sensor to measure the electric currents through the muscles. This biofeedback report marks the completion of the pelvic examination.

Town Physical Therapy has locations in Maywood, Emerson, Bergenfield, Clifton, and Paramus. For appointments and more information, call, email, or visit

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