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Planet Earth in 2050

Most people take our environment for granted and look forward to 2050 when there will be cyborgs, jet packs, hoverboards, and all that cool kind of technology. But have we considered there is a darker side to this future?

When 2050 rolls around, it is predicted that more than 6,000 buildings will be underwater in the northeast region alone. Some of the most beautiful landmarks will not be the same. It will be expected to flood annually.

The ocean and rivers will be more turbulent, making it harder to fish for fisheries. There will be more forest fires, leading to smoky weather more often, like the recent Canadian wildfires. Imagine that in Los Angeles, the average temperature will be 90° F. There will be more severe weather all around the world, like storms, floods, and droughts. Insurance will go up and living in cities will become unaffordable (btw, it is really happening in Florida right now).

Because Earth will be hotter, there will be less snow, hence less potable or drinking water. We will require more water purification plants, and water will become more expensive.

Some people believe that climate change isn’t their problem but think about my generation. Do you want to leave the next generation to live in such a hazardous environment? Climate change is your problem, too! Join me and stop climate change!

Aviana Singh is a fifth-grader at Eastbrooke Middle School, in Paramus. She is fighting against climate change to save our planet.

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