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Sustainable Living Issue

April says, “I have a rainbow for each little child… I’ll give every rainbow away!” There is so much besides the rainbow that we can absorb and do positive things from everything around us. There is a lethargy that builds the during the winter, and we all need to shed it using with April’s rainbows.

During this month of Earth Day, check out all the community events. In “The Wind of Change” we celebrate young Gen-Z activists pursuing climate justice and green living with a result-oriented approach and a new urgency. In the same vein, peruse the Sustainable Eating department and “Sustainable Grocery” eco-tip which highlight small steps that can be very impactful in the long run. Similarly, “Toxic Overload” describes ways to clean our water, food and indoor air.

In May, we are celebrating the contributions of women, including leaders from the professional and business community, that are leading and making difference. I want to call on readers to provide nominations and vote through our website and social media.

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