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New Year-New You

January is the beginning of the new year and a perfect time to begin a “new you”. We may not always ready with our feet planted on the ground to start running, but we can take a lesson from feng shui and tap into the wisdom of Chinese New Year. It fluctuates depending on the cycles of the lunar calendar, falling somewhere between mid-January to mid-February. This year, the lunar new year is January 22, with plenty of time to get ready to create a 2023 filled with prosperity, good health and happiness.

2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, bringing more opportunities for peace, communication, respect and understanding. The water rabbit influence brings potential for solutions and change. Without awareness, action and an open mind, potential is not realized. Our space, or “living vision board”, is having a conversation with our subconscious all the time, so pause and notice how we are feeling and make this a new habit. Here are a few tips to get started.

Make a plan. Be realistic and go for it.

Create fabulous firsts: What you see is what you become whether you are conscious of it or not.

Make the first words we think upon awakening each day sweet and positive, filled with love and gratitude to set the daily tone.

Keep only things that make us feel good. Clear out and de-clutter, making room for new opportunities. Whether a drawer, wallet or closet, every little bit makes room for a little more.

Clean for a fresh start. Clean windows and mirrors and replace needed lightbulbs. Wash the front door to create a fresh start and attract new opportunities. This is the perfect time to get a new welcome mat.

A bouquet of live, blooming Fresh Flowers represents rebirth and new beginnings. Feel alive by bringing in plants and flowers to inspire action.

Stock the fridge and cupboards with an abundance of fresh, nutritious foods. A colorful fruit bowl connects our vibration to health and well-being. Oranges and tangerines represent money and prosperity; apples symbolize good health and safety.

Our appearance, actions and attitudes set the tone for the New Year. When we are filled with love and laughter, we are unstoppable.

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