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Beyond the Physical Space

How Internal Feng Shui Nourishes Life

by Meredith Montgomery

Nine Star Ki is often referred to as our personal or internal feng shui. “Just as balancing the energy in our external space affects many aspects of our life, understanding and tending to our internal energy enables us to live a fulfilled and peaceful life,” says Meryl Hyderally, a Daphne, Alabama-based feng shui design consultant and owner of fengshui831.

There are nine-year and nine-month cycles of ki, or energy, that are related to solar and seasonal cycles. Understanding these cycles of energy and how they affect us, reveals an individual’s natural tendencies and characteristics which can further guide the balancing of a physical space. Hyderally says, “We’re not decorating; 9 Star Ki is a tool we use to create an environment that influences our patterns of behavior to help us become more of who we are meant to be.”

When helping a client with tree energy, she explained that trees need light and space for growth. “The windows were blocked and the room was dark so we needed to brighten it, allow more natural light in and create more space. The changes transformed the room and created an environment that is supportive; it’s like putting on clothes that fit.”

Because water takes on the shape of the container it is placed in, Hyderally recommends that people with water energy create structure in their homes and lives. People with fire energy can benefit from a space with muted colors and soft furniture at the end of the day so they can shine a little less intensely and avoid burn-out.

“Just like you want to eat foods that support your immune system, if spaces in your home are not created in a way that is supportive, you don’t operate as well,” Hyderally explains.

While the personalized guidance of a 9 Star Ki consultation is powerful, there is some self-guided work that everyone can do. Hyderally recommends looking at the way we come and go from our homes. “This is a big indicator of how well life is flowing. You want to make sure you’re not tripping over things; you want an ease, a comfort, a flow in these spaces,” says Hyderally. A landing place—a rug just inside the door or a visual focal point—is also very important.

Identify the center of your home and know that it is the heart of the home. The space should be easy to move through and visually represent the heart of the family. When walking through other spaces, Hyderally says, “Observe yourself in your space but also observe the space within you—what are you seeing? Are the things in your home purposeful? Are you connected to it? Are you inspired by it? Does it bring you joy to look at?” It’s also helpful to look at the focal point in each room. “If your furniture is oriented towards the TV, do you want that to be the focus? Consider rearranging so that you can view the TV from all seats but it no longer feels like the focal point of the room.”

The goal is to live easily and effortlessly, but because each person and each space is unique, there’s not one single solution. Hyderally says, “It’s about creating an environment that is supportive of not only where you are in your life now, but where you want to go.”

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