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How Emotional Imbalance Affects the Nervous and Vascular Systems

Emotional imbalance affects the nervous system and the vascular (blood) system as part of the physiological response to stress. The nervous system and the vascular system are connected through an energetic junction or neurovascular point. This junction is called a point because we can easily access the energy through a specific small area on the skin. When we are imbalanced emotionally, the energetic junction is congested. The energy flow is blocked between the nervous and blood systems.

This blockage may be felt as physical pain, tenderness, tightness or soreness. Although this pain is a result of the physiological response to emotional stress, it also can highlight where the problem or congestion is located in the body.

With this specific communication, the congestion can be easily released using our hands. We all have amazing electromagnetic points in our fingers and hands. If we put these amazing electromagnetic points on our skin at specific places, these points magnetically attract the energy of the congestion to them, providing the opportunity to release the energetic blockage or congestion.

Energy medicine practitioners hold a three-finger notch (the thumb, index and middle fingers together) over the specific area or a specific neurovascular point for several minutes to open the energy flow there. For example:

  • For heartache or grief, hold the heart and lung neurovascular point on the top center of the head in the baby soft spot.
  • To let go or surrender, hold the large intestine neurovascular point in the center of each side of the head one to two inches below the top.
  • If experiencing worry, hold the stomach neurovascular points on the jaw or cheekbones.
  • If experiencing stress or blood flow issues, hold the main neurovascular points on the forehead above each eye.
  • To give energy away to others, hold the spleen neurovascular points one inch above each ear.
  • If experiencing fear, hold the kidney neurovascular point at the back of the head behind the eyes or in front of each ear.
  • If experiencing panic, hold the circulation/sex neurovascular points that are aligned with the top of the ears halfway between the back of the head and the ears.
  • In flight, fight or freeze reactive mode, hold the triple warmer neurovascular point at the back of the head behind the eyebrows.
  • If experiencing anger, frustration or self-doubt, hold the liver neurovascular points at the hairline above each eye.
  • If experiencing overwhelm, hold the area at the back of the jaws below the ears known as the stress lymphatic point. This point should be pressed in deeply to release the congestion.

After holding these neurovascular points, the pain or congestion will be greatly reduced or eliminated.

Contact Dr.Anne Deatly at 201-925-1046 or [email protected].

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