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CranioSacral Therapy and Microcurrent Neurofeedback

IASIS Industries Microcurrent Neurofeedback (MCN) is a non-invasive approach to help relax and balance the nervous system. This approach is centered around the concept of hormesis, which means that a low dose of a stimulus can be beneficial or effective, while high doses or levels can be harmful or inhibiting.

Many conditions can benefit from this amazing technology, such as ASD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, tinnitus, OCD and addiction. It is also often used to optimize brain performance for business executives.

There are thousands of testimonies and several studies showing the positive effects of IASIS MCN. A pilot study by Ming-Xiong Huang, Ph.D., showed significant reduction in abnormal brain waves and post-concussive symptoms.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST), created by Dr. John E. Upledger, clinical researcher and Professor of Biomechanics at Michigan State University and certified fellow of the American Academy of Osteopathy, has said, “CST focuses on the gentle placement of hands to help release tension in your body’s connective tissue. This is known as fascia, the Latin word for band. It’s a casing found throughout your body that holds your organs, glands, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, brain and spinal cord. The fascia forms a body-wide connective tissue network. The human body is interconnected both structurally and functionally. This means that one area of your body can affect another. The goal of CST is tension relief (fascial clearance). This may help other connected parts of your body function better through: self-regulation, self-correction and self-healing.”

IASIS MCN and CST work synergistically to promote body and central nervous system re-balancing and self-regulation.

Contact Seda Melikyan, RN, ICP, CS, at

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