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Create an Attitude of Gratitude for the Holidays

The holiday season is wonderful, chaotic, and filled with family, friends, food, and fun. It is a busy time at work, at home, and in stores as we shop for holiday foods, and gifts, and attend and host holiday events, including concerts, dance recitals, parties, and family dinners.

Although it can be a joyful time, some find themselves extremely stressed, experiencing sleepless nights and a propensity toward illness, depression, isolation and arguments. When that occurs, this is what we can do to create a welcoming and supportive environment for ourselves and our guests.

The first step is identifying the source. Sometimes challenges in the home and office are the results of geopathic stress, interference lines, and negative vortices—disturbances in the electromagnetic energy of the environment—but they may not be the only reason.

People coming in and out of our homes and businesses throughout the year may be related to the adverse effects caused by energy forms. Energy forms are the residual energy left by people and events. Feeling uncomfortable when walking into an empty room could be the physical impact of residual energy from something that happened moments or years ago.

Residual energy can be left after someone has died or from emotional events or circumstances such as arguments. The more intense the event and the more people involved, the stronger the impact. In addition, the negative effects of these energy forms are amplified by excessive drinking, worry and anger, making it easy to see why the holidays present the perfect environment for them to thrive.

To clean up our energetic before the holidays, we can engage the services of a professional dowser trained in the art and science of detecting and correcting energy disturbances. Dowsers use brass and copper dowsing rods to detect positive and negative energy fields in the home and business. They then place curing rods to enhance, block or remove the energy source. The process is simple and takes just an hour or so, but the effects can be immediate and powerful. Many clients report improvements in their environment starting on day one.

Jeanie Pasquale is a professional dowser. For more information, call 845-709-5245 or visit

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