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We Are Divine Magnificence

Acceptance is extremely important in relationships. In general, we are invited to view others as divine souls who are here to perform a very significant function that only they can do. If we own our divine magnificence, it helps us to understand everyone else’s divine magnificence. Naturally, we fall into a high vibrational state of unconditional love.

One caveat is to not expect everyone to act from their divine magnificence all the time. We easily get off track in this game of life. We get confused; it’s not clear we deserve this aspect. The divine intends for us to learn we are divine magnificence. Some may never awaken to the truth of their divine magnificence. Some may awaken to it, but dismiss it. Others may attempt to believe it, but go back to their old ways of perceiving the universe through negativity and fear. But we are meant to learn this wisdom. We are meant to travel through life searching for the deepest truth and wisdom. We are meant to keep seeking how this is true in our experience. Never give up on this quest. If we understand this wisdom, it will be the greatest reward and make the biggest impact on our lives.

We can accept that all our souls are guiding us to find our way to this enlightened way of perceiving the world. But we won’t always pay attention to the guidance or our intuition, especially if we aren’t at a level of spiritual growth awake enough to be seeking the truth. But trust that something will happen to wake us up. It may be the death of a loved one or a difficult experience that shows us a new way of being and viewing the world.

It is time for renewal, rebirth and new life for all of us. We are invited to accept each other in the highest regard as divine magnificent souls that are here to help raise the level of vibrational frequency of the universe. We are all here to raise the level of consciousness of the universe. Every loving act or loving-kindness we do uplifts our universe. Every smile we offer a stranger or friend makes a difference.

We are invited to forgive ourselves and each other when falling short of our divine magnificence. Accept that it is not an easy road to travel; we are making our way one step at a time. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Let’s keep going until we get to the finish line. Crossing this line means we are in a higher state of being, and our hearts are open to accepting and allowing ourselves and others to be exactly where they need to be in every moment. Every moment, situation, event, and relationship represents a golden opportunity to discover the greatest gift of all—our divine magnificence.

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