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Our Infinite Potential

The truth is that we all, including the geniuses and experts in the world, have barely scratched the surface of our full potential in this physical world. We all have access to divine intelligence in universal consciousness. We have access to all the knowledge, intelligence and wisdom there has been or will be, and all the innovative future ideas. But most of us don’t know how to access it, even though we are ‘it’. We aren’t separate from divine intelligence and the universal consciousness; we are divine intelligence and universal consciousness.

The truth is we have access to anything we want. We may have to manifest it if isn’t physically available to us in the moment. Using the universal law of perpetual transmutation of energy will help us manifest what we truly desire. We can think of it as tapping into our infinite potential to communicate to reality beyond the physical.

What can block access to infinite potential is the concept we have about ourselves, because it creates the world we live in and all aspects of our lives. We believe in our self-limitations and unworthiness, but the divine created us as magnificent to express our magnitude.

Most of us sabotage ourselves with what we focus on and our negative thoughts. We focus on what isn’t going right in our lives. We focus on unhappy situations of our past. These memories bring up pain, sadness and unhappiness. The past is done, we cannot change it, but we keep the past alive in our minds and energy fields. How we think and feel creates our state of being, level of consciousness and vibrational frequency. If we keep recreating the sadness and unhappiness of the past, we will create the same things in the present and future.

Keeping alive past memories is an unconscious habit of our subconscious mind. We tell ourselves sad stories that aren’t true. Because our conditioning, or programming, sees the less-than-ideal situation, we have less-than-ideal results. This negative habit is clearly not the way to tap into our infinite potential, create our heart’s desires and perform our specific magnificent function. Performing at our highest potential, we are aligning with our divine intention. Creating a different picture in our minds will yield more positive results. We can set our own intentions with a different visualization—to see the truth of who we are and what we want.

The more we recognize our divine origin, the more we will recognize and experience our divine potential. The more we understand that the divine intention for us is of high magnitude, the more we will experience our highest potential. If we only identify with the physical world, then we will abide by those laws. If we identity with the spiritual realm, then we will abide by spiritual laws.

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