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The Ins and Outs of IV Therapies

Like many, you have been taking your supplements, exercising, sleeping well, and eating a healthy diet.  You “should” be feeling great. But somehow, you still don’t feel “up to par.” There are indeed medical issues that require a deeper investigation, and more focused treatments.  Some of the most effective solutions available are therapies delivered by a physician directly into the bloodstream intravenously, so-called “IV therapies”.

The ability to achieve very high levels of nutrients without creating GI issues makes IV’s an exceptionally powerful treatment modality.  Ultra-high dose C is a serious medical treatment, typically done in integrative medical offices. In treating immunological problems, ranging from infectious diseases to cancer to auto-immune conditions to adrenal exhaustion, the use of Vitamin C in doses up to 75 or more grams, delivered over several hours, is enormously effective.  The “Cathcart method” (several high dose C drips delivered one after another over the course of several hours) has the remarkable ability to knock out cold/flu symptoms by the end of that day.

The effectiveness of high dose IV C is in part due to its antioxidant effect and in part to its stimulating the production of hydrogen peroxide by the white blood cells, which in turn act to” kill” viruses, etc.  This latter effect persists even after the C level itself has gone down post-treatment. This potent medical effect cannot be achieved with oral C or lower dose IV’s. Significant IV treatment of this nature must be proceeded and followed with careful monitoring of kidney function and other parameters over time; hence, it is not a good fit for the walk-in “express” type of IV facilities that have become popular.

Many ingredients can be added to IVs to create other desirable effects. These include B vitamins for energy and focus, NAD for anti-aging, magnesium for lowering blood pressure, asthma and stress, glutathione for detoxification and added immune support, and the list goes on.  Occasionally, the use of a minimal pain medication can be included, as in the popular “hangover cure.”

Another “side” of office IV therapy is known as “chelation therapy”, of which there are two major types. One entails infusion of EDTA to clear blood vessels of calcified, occlusive plaque. It takes about 3-4 hours per session and, done according to strict guidelines, it can extend the life of a blood vessel by many ears and obviate the need for premature stents and bypasses.  It is equally effective in keeping already-placed stents working properly.

The other type of IV chelation involves removal of toxic metals from the body’s tissues, particularly the nervous system.  Metal levels are initially tested to determine quantities in the body, if any, and which metals are present (and so, which chelating agents to use in treatment.)  The most detected metals amenable to chelation are lead, mercury arsenic antimony and cadmium. Some industrially used metals are NOT accessible to chelation, so pretesting before diving directly into treatment is a critical step.  Again, kidney monitoring is essential to accurate dosing and safety.

Properly and safely done, IV therapies are effective, relatively low-cost, potentially life-changing medical interventions that can be done in the comfort and convenience of a physician’s office.  A knowledgeable and experienced physician can explain the best options for you.

Dr. Robin Leder trained with Dr. Robert Atkins of The Atkins Diet fame, and has guided thousands of patients to achieve their optimal weight using her vast knowledge of the field. She is located at 235 Prospect Ave., Ste. LB, in Hackensack. For more information, call 201-525-1155 or visit

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