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We are Pure Energy and Only Love is Real

Who we are being is more important than what we’re doing in life because who we’re being attracts or magnetizes the energy of what comes into our lives. As energy beings, we are transmitting the vibrational frequency of our words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We are transmitting how we are being in the physical realm, but there’s much more to life than the physical realm.

We were created in divine love, and that’s what we are at our core. Love and compassion are the energies of the universe. If we’re not vibrating at the frequency of love or above, then we are not in alignment with the flow of the universe. Knowing this, we must ask ourselves about the vibrational frequency of our words, thoughts and feelings and whether they all at a high vibrational frequency of love. If we are connected to and live from our soul, then likely our vibrational frequency is love. From our soul, it is easy for us to extend love to ourselves and others.

But if we are in fear, anger, apathy, shame or guilt, then we’re not coming from our soul. We’re coming from our ego, our false self; the inner critic that is always telling us we’re not good enough and we don’t deserve the next great thing in our life.

If we’re not getting what we want in life, then understand it is coming from who we are being. The universe acts like a mirror showing us what vibrational frequencies we’re putting out by what is coming back to us. We need to be honest with ourselves and see clearly that we’re responsible for everything that’s happening.

If we can identify with ourselves as souls in a physical body rather than physical bodies with a soul, our significance in this world changes dramatically. From this understanding, we can connect with each other from soul to soul. This connection is pure love. It can only be pure love. It can only be unconditional love. Because love is the core of who we are, and we are divine beings, we are love; therefore, only love is real.

To realize this higher perspective and live it, we must often start with self-love and understanding the gift of who we are and our contribution to the world with our unique gifts and talents. As a divine being created in love, a purpose for our life is to extend love to all others. Even if someone is hurting us, we can know that they are a divine soul trying to learn, grow and expand into the best version of themselves. Becoming our best comes from meeting challenges and learning the lessons in our everyday situations and events to become more aligned with our true selves, or souls.

Contact Dr. Anne M. Deatly at 201-925-1046 or [email protected].

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