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Unlocking Secrets of Harmonious Living with Feng Shui

Those feeling stuck in a career, struggling with relationships or feeling generally unfulfilled in life can use feng shui as a living vision board; it is the art of arranging a living space in a way that promotes the flow of energy, or chi, to improving our life.

The principles of feng shui are based on five elements: water, tree, fire, earth and metal. Each element represents an aspect of life: movement and flow (water); growth and expansion (tree); passion and  excitement (fire); support and grounding (earth); and organization and structure (metal). By incorporating these elements into a home, we create a balance of energy supporting and nurturing all that live there. Get started with some easy and practical tips for incorporating feng shui into everyday life.

Clear the clutter: We immediately feel the shift in energy when we clear a space. Clutter physically blocks the flow of energy and creates mental clutter, contributing to feelings of stress and overwhelm. Make it easy and begin small—the silverware drawer is a good start. Just a few minutes begins to open up space.

Bring in nature: Incorporating nature, such as plants, flowers and natural light improve the energy flow. Plants add beauty, life, help purify the air and inspire us to get moving.

Color: Each color represents a different aspect of life. For example, red represents passion and excitement, while blue represents calm and tranquility. Incorporating colors aligning with our intentions and goals creates a sense of balance and harmony.

Our front door is our face to the world for opportunities coming our way and our ability to be found. Be sure the numbers on the house can be easily seen and the front door is well-lit and welcoming.

Our bedroom is a sanctuary for rest, rejuvenation and intimate activities. Are there other people in your bedroom - photos of people other than you and  your partner? Minimize electronic devices, clear under the bed and  use colors that promote a feeling of calm and tranquility.

Some feng shui principles require more flexibility, but it is adaptable to any living situation. Begin creating “fabulous firsts.” The first thing we see coming into an apartment, waking up in the morning or sitting in our favorite chair can change everything.

Lois Kramer-Perez is a certified feng shui practitioner. Schedule a free Discover Your Shui call at For more information, visit
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