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Natural Awakenings Hudson County NJ

A Communal Space for Women to Flourish at Gaia Goddess

As an eco-feminist brand, Gaia Goddess is committed to empowering the divine feminine in connection with the wisdom and nurturance of nature. Owner Maria Marshall, educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design, has a strong background in visual arts.

A conscious creative who uses social entrepreneurism, storytelling, and community building to inspire, heal and empower women, she says, “During the early childhood and adulthood phase of my life, I felt I don’t belong here due to traumatic experiences while growing with a single mother. Being intimated by my father left a scar on me for life. I felt responsible and at fault for the pain and suffering and things going wrong in and around me. I felt lost and searched for answers and solutions. In some way, I started believing that all men are like this. Further, I felt abandoned due to the early death of my father.”

The GAIA Goddess's vision is to provide a sanctuary and empower women to achieve their ultimate potential. She shares, “After being in a marriage for 25 years, I realized that for me to be happy and satisfied I need not be what society wants me to be, but be what I want to be. I was separating, but not getting depressed; in fact, I was getting awakened. My therapist helped me to deal with years of hurt. I start to feel the energy, the vibrations, and the tingling sensation of new destiny!”

She started doing reiki and meditation and founded GAIA Goddess to create an array of educational experiences that appeal to multifaceted modern women in the community. As the system develops, they plan to also support couples and men in their endeavor to discover and heal themselves.

Marshall notes, “We are at the cusp of huge awakenings on planet Earth because everyone has come here for a purpose and reason. We are building a community to prepare for the new, awakened state of lifestyle. We see realization across the globe about our lifestyle choices, and as a result, communities are trying to go back to their natural way of living. The acceptance of meditation, yoga, and a natural way of life is increasing day by day, and GAIA Goddess wants to spread and prepare communities for the change.”

Membership is free. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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