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Heart Centered Living

Every February, Natural Awakenings participates in the nationwide celebration of Heart Month to raise awareness about heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Due to ongoing research, advancements in science and technology are preventing more heart disease through early screenings. The increased awareness of risk factors and lifestyle choices also goes a long way to preventing heart conditions.

We encourage you to analyze your lifestyle, conduct early screenings and exercise regularly to live a heart-healthy life. In this issue, we provide resources to do that. “Nourish the Heart” provides food choices to prevent heart disease, shrink artery plaque and nourish and heal this vital organ. “Heart-Healthy Kids” sets a course for children’s cardiovascular wellness. Our feature story addresses the significant topic of heart health for women, dispelling the wrongly assumed notion that women are at less risk than men for heart problems.

We are now starting to see the days getting longer, a sure sign that spring is around the corner. Without a lot of days with below-freezing temperatures or snow, this winter was a great season in terms of holiday time returning to somewhat normalcy. Now let’s prepare for a great spring and summer.

Natural Awakenings of North Jersey is your all-season health and wellness resource for body, mind, and soul—the physical body and inner, spiritual, well-being. Like us on Facebook and Instagram. Find even more great information in our online edition at

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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