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The Need to be Needed

Licensed and Board-Certified Professional Counselor Lauren F. Taibi, NCC, is the owner and founder of Be Well Psychotherapy. She is a wellness speaker and author of the children’s book, Dance with Me, Please, and states, “At Be Well Psychotherapy, we are fortunate to work alongside a team of eight therapists. Each therapist brings something remarkable to the center. Our team allows families to receive care all in one center. It is a humbling experience to be able to work alongside dedicated and qualified professionals!”


Taibi graduated from Drew University, in Madison, and Caldwell University, in Caldwell. Prior to entering the mental health field, she was an elementary educator and New Jersey certified teacher. During graduate school, she volunteered with the Contact We Care national suicide lifeline and is assist-certified. Her graduate work began in hospice, expanding her bereavement and grief experience.


She shares, “Oftentimes, one might find saying ‘Goodbye’ tough. When I was first humbled with the opportunity to work alongside clients, I searched for a way to express my farewell until the next session or time. Something did not sit right with ‘Goodbye,’ or ‘Have a good night,’ or ‘Have a nice weekend.’ I stumbled a few times, until trying, ‘Take care and be well.’ I was led to encourage those that welcomed our therapeutic relationship in offering them a reminder to ‘take care,’—taking care of themselves and the goals they yearned for. Last, but not least, I wanted to wish them well, to ‘be well’ in whatever that was for them.”


As Taibi continued working alongside others as a licensed counselor, the experience inspired the name of her business, Be Well Psychotherapy. “Before long, it came time to put an image with our name; a bumblebee was the first thing that came to mind. As we may know, bees are needed for our food supply, pollinating flowers and producing honey,” she says. “Needed, or essential, is the way each of us deserve to feel.”


Be Well Psychotherapy is located at 175 Fairfield Ave., Ste. 1C, in West Caldwell. For appointments and more information, call 973-886-8300 or visit

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