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Community Solar Subscriber Save Now and Later

Solar Panels

Subscribers to New Jersey’s Community Solar program—guaranteed to save 10 to 15 percent on electricity costs—will also receive $100 just for signing up. Because the power isn’t generated by individual homes, there’s no need to own solar panels, or even a roof, to join the program.

Sustainable Jersey City has partnered with PowerMarket and Solar Landscape to help Jersey City residents join the Community Solar Movement. City residents can choose either one. Both companies are offering a $100 cash gift card to new subscribers.

Community Solar was designed as a hassle-free way to ensure a cleaner environment for our communities by reducing New Jersey’s dependence on fossil fuels. There are no up-front sign-up costs, and subscribers will always end up paying less for electricity than nonsubscribers.

When a subscriber signs up, electricity generated from the project is sent to their utility provider, increasing the amount of solar-generated electricity and reducing fossil-fuel electricity. Their home’s electricity continues to function as usual, with no installation, additional fees or downtime. Their utility provider adds discounts to their utility bill in the form of solar credits. The more people who sign on to the project, the bigger the discounts—and the closer New Jersey is to a fossil-fuel-free future.

To learn more or sign up, visit and click Projects and then Community Solar.

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