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Natural Awakenings Hudson County NJ

Letter from Publisher

Mar 01, 2020 04:49PM
A growing number of Americans are moving away from meat and toward plant-based foods, just queue up the Impossible Burger as an example. Who would have ever thought that a fast food restaurant centered around “burgers” would offer a meatless entrée? April Thompson shares the secrets of making this a seamless transition in “The Roots of Good Health: Thriving on a Plant-Based Diet.” If you’re interested in trying to eat more plant-based, we have some great classic recipes such as Vegan Popcorn and Walnut Meat Tacos. Trying to incorporate more opportunities to eat less meat and more plants benefits body, soul and the environment.

We also focus on hemp and the ever-popular cannabidiol (CBD) oil. A crop that was illegal in the U.S. for close to 100 years, has now become the buzzword for all that ails you and your pets. CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, an essential oil that is extracted from the flowers and leaves and does not give you a high as with marijuana; there is very little THC in CBD oil (.3 percent or less).

There is reason for the hype, because CBD can be very beneficial. I have been using it for a few years now and have found a cream that helps pain and use gummies for sleep. My father uses cream for his feet to help neuropathy and my dog, Oso, has been taking it for cancer pain, as well. In “CBD’s New Frontier, Help for Mental Health” we see that it is being used for anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

There is a lot to learn about CBD because as with most things, not all CBD is created equal. Do your homework. Education is key to learning and utilizing the highest-quality CBD. In “What’s Really in the Bottle?”, by Meredith Montgomery, we answer some of those questions about what to look for in a CBD oil.

Hemp has also fueled high hopes among farmers, agricultural researchers, manufacturers and consumers for its use in a host of fiber-based products and its potential to combat climate change. Don’t miss Julie Peterson’s enlightening article, “Hemp Gets Hot: Meet the Hardest Working Plant on the Planet.”

Be sure to also check out pointers on pet diets to inspiring words from Meg Lundstrom about “synchronicity” and how we can encourage the sometimes life-changing coincidences that can have a profound influence on our lives.

In health and happiness,

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