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Special Things to Do This Earth Day

Mar 29, 2024 09:48AM ● By Anil Singh

This Earth Day is Monday, March 22. What will you be doing? If you are out of ideas, try some of these!

Clean Up

If you notice any trash or pollution around your town, how about cleaning them up yourself? Organize a group clean-up with friends and neighbors and clean up around parks, libraries and streets! Of course, this doesn’t just go for only one day a year, you could do this every month!

Air-Drying Towels and Clothes

If it’s a nice, calm day, you could hang your clothes and towels on your balcony and porch. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this in winter or windy days, but you could do this in spring or summer. Plus, it saves money!

Planting Trees And Plants

You could plant trees, make a garden or do anything with plants! Just remember that plants will clean our environment, so it doesn’t matter what kind of shrub you plant. If you have a green thumb, you can start a compost pile from kitchen scraps and use organic soil to replenish the plants.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

If you are a family guardian, you can lock up all the cars and have quality family time without any electronics. You could play a board game, take a walk in the park and have other fun activities!

Try these activities, create your own, or follow these! You also don’t have to do all of them, just try to do a few! I hope you do these activities often, not just on Earth Day!

Aviana Singh is a sixth-grader at East Brook Middle School, in Paramus, NJ. She is working against climate change to save our planet.

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