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Pregnancy Apps

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Tracking exercise, nutrition, baby bump images, the joys of the journey and the baby’s development are available options in a variety of apps. There are even apps for dads.

Ovia has many features that expand based on the data entered. It answers questions about food safety and medications, and even has a community feature to connect with other moms.

Hello Belly offers practical tips and a good dose of silliness with pregnancy jokes and memes. There are also yoga videos.

Glow Nurture can be customized, has community spaces, symptom trackers, reminders for appointments and a boatload of articles.

Expectful Pregnancy gives reminders to focus on joy by taking a moment to breathe or meditate. With guided sessions for pregnancy, moms-to-be can put regular meditation practices in place.

Sprout Pregnancy has a pregnancy timeline, weight tracker and journal. The 3-D images showing development of the baby are really cool, as well.

Who’s Your Daddy gives Dad a to-do list, weekly updates, a development timeline, suggestions for taking care of Mom and helps him pick baby names.


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