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How to Get Unstuck

by Martin Miron

Shivam Ray, owner of Lotus Genesis Wellness Center, in Guttenberg, says, “When things seem to be in a deadlock and nothing moves, it is important we first establish the right energy, which can then later manifest into the desired transformation. And when we say the right energy, we’re not referring to some abstract philosophy; instead, some concrete and practical steps that create meaningful results.”

         He believes that regardless of how stuck things might be in our business, health or relationships, the one thing we can always act on is tapping into the right energy. “The key to tapping into the right energy is to establish an emotional state that is equivalent of what we want to create or manifest,” says Ray. “People often think, ‘Once I have X, I can feel or experience Y’, and so they defer experiencing the right energy and the manifestation doesn’t come to fruition as easily as it could. The truth is that the fastest way to having X is to experience and feel Y first, not later. In other words, to feel what you would feel if the goal was already achieved and accomplished. All manifestations and transformations are born out of energy, and the way us humans experience and work with energy is through emotions, or as I like to call, ‘energy in motion.’”

Shivam Ray

         “This principle has been used by people from all backgrounds, from high-performing athletes and artists, to business execs and everyday people. A recent book by Shawn Achor, Happiness Advantage, talks about when this principal is applied at work and in one’s career. The results are remarkable. In fact, this approach is already being taught at Harvard Business School and to business execs to tap into their next level of performance edge.”

         The next time you’re feeling stuck, use this method to get moving again.

Write down your goal in simple and clear terms, be precise and specific.

Write down what and how you would feel when that goal is achieved.

Name specific feelings and emotions: for example, “I will feel liberated, calm, happy, and self-assured.”

It is important to not use any negative root terms: for example “worry-free”, still has the term “worry” in it.

Use only positive vocabulary, such as “confident” or “assured.”

Make it a daily practice to start the day by establishing those very specific feeling states.

Settle into a comfortable position, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and count backwards from 10 down to one.

With each number, allow yourself to become more calm and relaxed as you turn your attention inwards.

After the countdown, spend a few minutes to experience those feelings and emotions.

Step into experiencing those emotions fully and completely, as if your goal has already been achieved.

Make this experience as vivid and real as possible.

Let the experience of this feeling/emotion become second nature.

         This exercise allows a deeper transformation to happen that changes our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and perceptions, removing the roadblocks in a fundamental way.


Lotus Genesis Wellness Center is located at 7000 JFK Blvd. E., in the Galaxy Mall, Ste. M-15, in Guttenberg. For more information, call 201-210-4764 or visit

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