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Physical and Emotional Shock is Stored in in the Heels

Every person has shock stored in their body from an overly emotional or physical response to a trauma, accident, violence or devastating news from some event in life. Additionally, shock can be the result of severe burns, allergic reactions, heatstroke, infections, poisoning or blood loss. Any critical condition that induces a sudden drop in blood flow in the body is shock. People respond differently to shock. What shocks one person’s systems does not necessarily shock another’s, just as they respond differently to bad situations and bad news.

As we might have experienced, shock isn’t good for our bodily systems. It primarily affects the systems that move energy, oxygen and glucose through the blood to the cells. If the shock is severe enough, cells and tissues cannot receive the much-needed energy, oxygen and glucose to function optimally because blood flow is impaired. People can go into comas because of a shocking event.

Shock disrupts energy flow in the body and affects the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, so it isn’t surprising that it would affect the nervous system. Shock may also seriously affect the heart and kidney organs. Even the heart organ can experience severe long-term effects if the shock is severe and not released.

The body has such intelligence that if the shock is not released immediately, it stores the shock in an area farthest away from the heart to protect it—in our heels. There is a specific bone in the heel, the calcaneus bone, that absorbs the shock energy until it can be released. The calcaneus bone is the largest bone in the foot and takes up the whole heel area.

To help someone out of shock, the main thing is to rub or hold their heels. Ideally, push your thumbs into the heels of someone with shock as hard as you can to release the shock and hold for several minutes. If they are able, they could also stomp their heels to release the trauma stored in their calcaneus bone. Even if people get bad news, it can be shocking to their system. In this case, the person with shocking news could even push their thumbs into their heels with pressure to release the shock.

There are other energy healing protocols to release shock in the moment, or when people go into and then out of shock. There are even protocols to help with residual effects of shock. If our systems are off, it could be due to shock in the body. If we or someone we know has ever experienced shock, it is important to release the shock to prevent long-term damage to the kidneys and heart organs.

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