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8 Self-Improvement Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

Jul 29, 2022 09:55AM ● By Nicole Teitler
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Self-acceptance and self-improvement go hand-in-hand. To become a better version of ourselves, we need to accept who we are, our limitations and our strengths. It’s common to assume that self-improvement podcasts are for those who seek help. However, some of the world’s most successful individuals attribute part of their happiness to the podcasts they listen to regularly.
Here are eight self-improvement podcasts to listen to right now:
Greetings from the Garden State
This local New Jersey podcast from Mike Ham highlights the people and businesses that make up the New Jersey communities around us. Each interview tells the story of how small businesses are changing their communities, chasing their dreams and inspiring others. New episodes are released every week.
Jocko Podcast
Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL who delivers important messages on how to overcome adversity and become more disciplined. He discusses leadership skills across multifaceted relationships and everyday life. Along with Director Echo Charles, they take his experience as a SEAL and translate those stories and lessons into applicable knowledge for a wide audience.
Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris
The author of the bestselling book 10% Happier, Dan Harris uses his skills as a TV news reporter to interview industry experts and discuss mental health topics. Episodes range from science-based techniques on how to manage anxiety to how to acquire happiness as actual skill. The focus of the podcast is to train good habits that, over time, become incremental towards self-improvement. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
UnF*ck Your Brain
Weekly episodes are dedicated to the high-achieving woman who faces internal adversity of impostor syndrome and self-doubt. A Master Certified Confidence Coach, Kara Loewentheil, J.D. helps listeners to rise above the critical thoughts they were trained to think over the years. In each episode, Loewentheil brings to light new tools that boost confidence and help listeners achieve more in life.
The Mindset Mentor
Rob Dial creates bite-sized podcast episodes geared at teaching listeners everyday tricks on how to get out of their own way and the negative thought patterns within their minds. His topics range from easy habits to incorporate every day to become more successful by retraining the brain to become more positive. Episodes are under 20 minutes and come out sporadically.
The Tony Robbins Podcast
Motivational speaker Tony Robbins has dominated the self-improvement industry for decades. He has helped over 50 million people worldwide. His podcasts touch upon proven strategies that help listeners achieve anything they want out of life. Podcasts include interviews with experts across various industries and audio content from his highly sought signature events.
On Purpose with Jay Shetty
Every Monday and Friday, Jay Shetty shares his conversations with thought-provoking leaders from around the world. The basis of the podcast is to encourage listeners to live an intentional life as they navigate through negative thought patterns or self-sabotaging behavior. Discussions range from relationship advice, how to train your brain, and tackling childhood trauma to how to be less stressed from the news.
The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos
This podcast is aimed at debunking what listeners think makes them happy. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos talks all about true happiness. In each episode, she takes the listener through numerous studies in science and psychology, emulated after her actual course at Yale, to help transform how one views happiness and the path to get it.
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@nikkionthedaily. Nicole Teitler, known by her trademark Nikki On The Daily®, is a brand storyteller based out of Hoboken, NJ. She is passionate about connecting communities through conversation. You can reach her at [email protected] or


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