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Wood Therapy at EC Beauty Studio & Spa

Someone giving a massage with a wooden tool.

Conveniently located in Hoboken, EC Beauty Studio offers facial treatments (both classic and medical grade), body and face skin tightening, and much, much more. Erica Cerpa, owner and esthetician, brings more than 15 years of her own experience in skincare to serve her clients with leading edge life-enhancing services.

EC Beauty is a welcome haven of calm and peace from the busy city streets. Clients enjoy the soothing scents and unwind during their service in one of the private, state-of-the-art treatment rooms. A highly trained esthetician will customize a unique treatment to fulfill the needs and assess the goals of the client, ensuring optimal results. EC Beauty takes a highly personal approach with each guest, with “the objective in mind that our patrons are happy to call EC Beauty their home for all things beauty,” shares Cerpa.

New on the menu is wood therapy, combining lymph work with this form of vigorous massage, for a most exclusive experience. Using wooden handheld tools, including rolling pins and vacuum-suction cups to help mold the body, each treatment focuses on a problem area. The receiver will experience all the benefits of massage in addition to the end goal being natural elimination of toxins, increased blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Recommended treatment protocol is two to three sessions per week, with five to six sessions revealing optimal results. Benefits of wood therapy include: loosening of tight, restricted muscles; burning of fat; lymphatic drainage; toxin elimination; increased metabolism; breaking down of cellulite; toning, tightening and reducing overall circumference.

The technique of wood therapy has seen a surge in popularity, primarily in South America, where people call it maderoterapia (madera is Spanish for wood). Purportedly, wood therapy is centuries old and originated in Asia.

Albeit a 100 percent natural, noninvasive holistic massage treatment considered safe, it is advised to consult with one’s healthcare provider or massage therapist prior to beginning any new treatments to be absolutely sure of compatibility.

Location: 80 River St., Ste. 2A, Hoboken. For more info and appointment, call 201-919-0522, email [email protected] and/or visit


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