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Six Health Effects Of Poor Nutrition In Our Pets

Jun 30, 2022 01:53PM ● By Jorelle Baker
A bowl of cat food on a yellow background.

A healthy diet can be all the difference between your pet living a long life versus one full of illness and unpleasant bowel movements. Pets need a well-balanced diet that provides them all the essential vitamins and minerals they need for their body to perform optimally and fight off infections. When you feed your pet low quality food, you leave them vulnerable to diseases which can affect their entire body.

To help pet parents understand better, here are the six most common health complications due to poor diet:


1. Obesity:  Pets who are fed low quality food have a higher chance of suffering from obesity. According to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, 53 percent of dogs and 55 percent of cats suffer from obesity in the U.S. each year. Due to their poor diets, these pets also have a higher risk for developing heart disease, diabetes and pancreatitis as well as having a shorter lifespan.

2. Dental Disease:  Kibble is often cooked to have all moisture removed and replaced with carbohydrates to preserve shelf life. These added carbs and reduced moisture content make the food stick to your pet’s teeth causing plaque to form. Without proper care, your pet’s teeth will develop excess plaque which can cause bad breath, periodontal disease, heart disease, trouble eating and expensive dental cleaning bills.

3. Gastrointestinal Issues:  A poor quality diet leads to the digestive tract working harder to absorb fewer nutrients and expelling the excess material the body does not need. This causes severe flatulence  as well as more frequent and larger volumes of feces.

4. Heart Disease:  Similar with humans, if your pet eats poorly and does not exercise properly, they will develop clogged arteries and have a higher chance to develop heart disease which can shorten their lifespan.

5. Cancer:  Improper nutrition means fewer essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to combat illness. With a weakened immune system, diseases like infections and cancer can grow uncontested.

6. Skin / Coat Issues:  Without specific nutrients like omega 3 oil, your pet’s fur and skin become brittle and dry. Insufficient skin care leaves them susceptible to skin afflictions, including cracked paws, flaky skin and rashes and harsher side effects from allergic reactions.

A pet’s diet is crucial for them living a high quality of life. Similar to humans, animals need good quality food so their body can function properly and combat diseases. Money saved in food can come back in more costly vet bills. Higher quality food should not only lead to a healthier pet but a happier one as well.

Jorelle Baker is the social media manager, content creator and webmaster for Holistic Pet Care. He has always loved writing, sharing stories and personal growth with the goal of continually refining his craft and spreading awareness about mental health. He aims to help open minds and further the spread of knowledge. To connect with Jorelle, email [email protected].


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