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Khrystle Rea Offers Holistic Health Coaching

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Khrystle Rea

For Khrystle Rea, food is personal. “There’s no one way of eating that works for everyone, and no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to health,” she says.

A certified holistic health and fitness coach and a Reiki master, Rea blends knowledge and personal experience to offer a unique holistic approach to helping women improve their dietary choices, exercise routines and spiritual well-being.

“Over the course of 6 or 12 weeks, we learn your body together as I teach you how to tune in,” she says. “By the end of our time together, we know what foods work best for your body. But health is more than the foods you’re eating or how much you’re exercising. I help you flow with your body and energy in a way where you create new habits and a new way of living easily.”​

Rea is now accepting new one-on-one clients for six- and 12-week coaching programs. She incorporates Reiki into her one-on-one programs. She also offers Reiki-only sessions, as well as attunements for those feeling called to Reiki.

To schedule a free consultation with Khrystle Rea, call 201-430-5166 or email [email protected]. For more information or to buy a copy of her latest ebook, visit

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