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Bach Flower Remedies Available at Hudson Healing Arts

A brown bottle in the middle of a couple of purple and yellow flowers

Bach Flower Remedies—a system of plant- and flower-based formulas developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s—is one of the many natural modalities for balance and stress relief offered at Hudson Healing Arts, in Hoboken. Beth O’Boyle, a member of HHA since 1999, is a Bach Foundation-registered practitioner.

Composed of 38 formulas plus the Rescue Remedy stress-relief blend, Bach remedies “can help manage the emotional demands of everyday life by bringing negative feelings and attitudes back into balance and perspective,” O’Boyle says. “They can be used alone but also are a wonderful complement to other healing modalities. The system is suitable for adults and children as well as animals.”

Bach remedies usually come as liquids in dropper bottles. The drops can be placed on the tongue or mixed into a glass of water. Some remedies are available as pills, sprays, skin creams and bath salts.

O’Boyle is also a certified hypnosis counselor, a Reiki practitioner and an advanced AshWork practitioner.

“All these techniques are superb for alleviating stress and are an excellent complement to other healing practices,” she says.
Location: 51 Newark St., Ste. 403, Hoboken, NJ. For more information, call 201-653-7700, email [email protected] or visit
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