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Local Author Uses Light Touch to Build Healthy Habits

With three new books, Aleksandra Starling focuses on children age 3 to 8

Forcing kids to eat their veggies can quickly turn into a daily battle. That’s bad for the parent-child relationship, and for the children’s relationship with food. The trick is not to push children, but to pique their interest, so taking an exploratory bite of broccoli becomes an adventure of their own choosing.

That’s the goal of New Jersey author Aleksandra Starling, who’s written three new books for children ages 3 to 8—Elephant in the Kitchen!, Party in the Fridge? and Tornado in the Kitchen—as well as a corresponding activity book. (Elephant in the Kitchen! is available on her website and on Amazon; Party in the Fridge? and Tornado in the Kitchen are preselling for release in November.)

Elephant in the Kitchen! introduces children to fruits, vegetables and sports through a game of hide-and-seek with Al the Elephant. Party in the Fridge? takes a peek at the secret life of fruits and veggies (dancing carrots! a pineapple DJ!). Tornado in the Kitchen playfully calls on mess-makers to clean up their act.

Starling, who has a bachelor’s in psychology from SUNY Purchase and a plant-based nutrition certificate from Cornell, is the owner of Inspired Universe, a company devoted to children’s health. Her richly illustrated books are designed to make kids laugh while inspiring them to try new things—like eating veggies—that will become foundational habits for a balanced life.
For more information on the Inspiring Children’s Healthy Habits Collection, visit

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