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IV Therapy Available at Head 2 Toe

An IV bag filled with fruit

Advanced practice nurse Lauren M. De Lucia, owner of De Lucia Advance Practice, is offering intravenous therapy at Head 2 Toe Total Body Rejuvenation, in North Bergen. IV treatment is used for a number of therapeutic purposes, including to rehydrate the body and to enhance energy and wellness.

“IV nutrient therapy is a natural way to combat chronic fatigue while also preventing illness, curing hangovers and many other benefits,” De Lucia says. “IV therapy delivers vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other vital nutrients into the bloodstream quickly, without needing or taxing the digestive system. It provides your body with optimal hydration to support all vital organ functions. It can help prevent medical issues like kidney stones, constipation and muscle damage.”

De Lucia has extensive education and clinical training as well as specialized training. She holds memberships in several professional organizations and frequently attends conferences and society meetings to learn about the latest advancements in her fields of expertise.

Head 2 Toe is open Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It offers services by appointment on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Location: 7617 Kennedy Blvd., North Bergen, NJ. For more information, call 201-854-0200, email [email protected] or visit