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Acupuncture Can Boost Fertility, Complement Treatment

Headshot of Belinda Brown wearing a red top

Belinda Brown

Anyone who has undergone fertility treatment or is struggling to conceive knows the emotional stress takes its toll. Belinda Brown, of Classical Acupuncture + Wellness, in Hoboken, notes that by regulating the nervous system and promoting the natural release of uplifting neurochemicals, acupuncture can help patients cope with the ups and downs of fertility treatment.

“Acupuncture has an excellent success rate with fertility issues for both women and men for whom western medical fertility treatments weren’t successful, or for women looking for a less-invasive approach,” Brown says.

A master’s program graduate of the Swedish Institute’s School of Acupuncture and Oriental Studies, in New York, Brown guides patients through positive lifestyle changes based on Classical Chinese Medicine and augments her treatments with Chinese dietary guidance and essential oils.

In addition to using acupuncture, diet and lifestyle advice to address fertility issues, she also offers pre- and postpartum treatment to address various imbalances or discomforts, including easing nausea and fatigue; encouraging a breech or traverse baby to turn in utero; relieving clogged mammary ducts and mastitis; and increasing breastmilk supply.

Location: 101 Park Ave., Ste. 3, Hoboken, NJ . For appointments, contact Belinda Brown at [email protected] or 201-360-1357, or visit