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Listening to My Heart

How my journey kept bringing me back to yoga
By Kate Lombardo

Sometimes, a single decision can change the course of your life. Deciding to do a yoga teacher training was one of those moments for me.

I still remember the exact moment I decided to take the leap to do my first YTT. I was lying in savasana, in a class I had been going to for months and months. Each time I’d lie there asking myself the same question: What can I do to make my life have more purpose, so I can be happier? 

Finally it came to me, loud and clear: Teach yoga. 

Teach yoga? Could it really be that simple? I thought back on what had brought me to that moment.

Five years earlier, my lung had collapsed on Thanksgiving Day, turning my life upside down and leaving me feeling completely broken. Then I stepped on a yoga mat for the first time and slowly learned how to put those pieces back together. 

Soon after that, I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone and felt very lonely. Then I walked into my first yoga studio and found a community of people that are still, to this day, some of my closest friends. 

In the years that followed, I worked a job that didn’t feel aligned with who I was, leaving me unhappy and desperate to find a new path. I kept showing up to yoga class, where I could connect to the deepest part of myself, who knew I was meant for more. 

Teach yoga. Of course that was the answer. 

As a student, I had made this practice my way of life. It brought me a sense of peace, comfort and ease—especially when things were hard. As a teacher, I knew I could share this practice with others and teach them how to use it to do the same.

Never be afraid to listen to your heart. It will always lead you to happiness.

Kate Lombardo leads online yoga teacher trainings and courses. Connect with her on Instagram @kate.lombardo. 

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