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Neurology Partners Offers IV Therapy for Migraines

Aug 29, 2021 09:34AM ● By Claire Byers

Some 50 million Americans suffer from chronic or headaches or migraines. At Neurology Partners of Hudson County, Vinod Kapoor, M.D., and Ashish Kapoor, M.D., offer infusion therapy to provide on-the-spot relief from hard-to-manage headaches.

“Infusion therapy for headaches is an alternative treatment that uses an IV to deliver specific medications that treat headaches to the body,” says Dr. Vinod Kapoor, a Hudson County neurologist since 1996. “While similar treatments can be offered by emergency rooms, seeing a neurologist for headache infusion therapy allows you to obtain effective care right when you need it.”

Infusion treatments are delivered slowly through a needle, typically into a vein with an IV bag. At Neurology Partners, treatments are administered by a registered nurse with more than 20 years of experience in a clinical office setting, and supervised by Dr. Ashish Kapoor, a Hudson County neurologist since 2013. It generally takes an hour or longer for the treatment to start working, he says.

Neurology Partners also administers infusible disease-modifying drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat multiple sclerosis and MS flareups, acute vertigo and acute back pain.

Location: 631 Broadway, Suite 3, Bayonne, NJ. For appointments or more information, call 201-823-2880 or visit

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