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Happy Notes Book Simplifies Gratitude Practice

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The concept for the Happy Notes Book is simple, says Hoboken resident Lindsay Colameo: “Find a smile in every day and write that baby down.”

Gratitude journaling isn’t new—it’s been proven to have a positive correlation with a person’s well-being, Colameo says—but in creating the Happy Notes Book, she wanted to simplify that practice. So she “replaced a laundry list of overly scripted prompts with a simple, short-form practice that encourages people to celebrate the moments of joy that happen each day and are too often glazed over in the hustle and bustle of life.”

Designed to facilitate a 15-second daily practice, the book combines the functionality of a traditional everyday lined notebook (on the first two-thirds of the pages), with the simplified “happy notes” practice (on the last third).

“The intentions are to keep this self-care ritual inexcusably convenient and accessible during your daily life, so it’s something you actually stick to and in turn reap the uplifting benefits,” Colameo says. “Every element of the notebook is designed to make you smile—including the stamped envelope and ‘happy note’ card that’s included in each notebook to encourage you to spread the joy.”

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