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White Feather Reiki Launches YouTube Channel

A woman performing reiki on another woman

Maria Aviles, owner of White Feather Reiki, has launched a YouTube channel where she’ll share information about relaxation, reiki and more, in English and Spanish. “Reiki promotes physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity,” she says. “It reduces stress by allowing relaxation and restoration of body.”

Aviles, who is also an Energy for Life practitioner, says her path to energy healing began in 2009, when she was working in a corporate environment.

“In 2014, not knowing what I was looking for, that search took me to my first reiki class, which changed my life forever,” she says. “I found a release from stress and from multiple aches and pains I could not get rid of before, as well as an inner peace I couldn’t find anywhere else. I now dedicate my life to helping people who, like me, are looking for answers and don’t know where to find them.​”

She says reiki allows for deep relaxation, which reduces stress and the symptoms of some mental health conditions; lowers the heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate; and reduces muscle tension and chronic pain.


Location: 8400 River Rd., North Bergen, NJ. For more information, contact Aviles at 201-838-5653 or [email protected], or visit or

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