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Dr. Kathia Roberts Facilitates ‘Healing from Within’

Dr. Kathia Roberts mixing up something

“Physician, heal thyself” is among Dr. Kathia Roberts’ guiding principles—one that propelled her own journey to optimal health. “We were not created with a dysfunctional bodies, and we are not defined by our diagnoses,” she says. “True healing comes from within, along with the assistance of nature’s pharmacy.”

Roberts is now a certified, clinically trained doctor of integrative medicine and naturopathic physician at Seasonal Health, in Hoboken. But she was once like many of her first-time patients: suffering from multiple chronic conditions complicated by misdiagnoses. As a teenager was misdiagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, for which she was prescribed “a handful of drugs.” She also struggled with obesity, bulimia, dyslexia, migraines, constipation, spastic colon and IBS from fad dieting.

“I was stuck in a self-destructive pattern, overindulging in comfort foods and eating disorders, until I came to the revelation that my body needed to be whole,” she says. “I made it my lifetime passion to acquire the proper clinical knowledge and credentials to best serve others in their quest for health.”

In addition to her other specialties, Roberts is a medical herbalist, applied nutritionist, clinical iridologist and bio-energetic clinician. At Seasonal Health she uses natural remedies to treat or prevent a variety of chronic conditions. Her individualized holistic health plans include customized herbal remedies that she prepares on site in the center’s apothecary. She also educates and empowers her patients to achieve lifelong health.

Location: 1110 Garden St. #1, Hoboken, NJ. For information, call 201-857-2562, email [email protected] or visit

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