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New Healing Practice Focuses on ‘Living Food’

Some people call it “raw vegan food,” but Eric Sanchez—herbalist, health coach and certified detoxification specialist—prefers the term “living food,” for obvious reasons. “Eating living foods restored my life,” he says.

For years, Sanchez tried to address his many chronic health issues, including alopecia, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations and headaches, through various diets: dairy-free; vegetarian; the keto, paleo and candida diets; and whole-foods, plant-based cooking. Nothing worked. Doctors just prescribed more medication. Alternative-healing methods brought no relief either. Now Sanchez understands why.

“The issue with those alternative modalities is that I didn’t have the diet to support them,” he says. “I eventually found that health always starts with what you’re consuming.”

For almost two years, Sanchez has eaten only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, juices and spices. He says heating food denatures its enzymes, vitamins, minerals and proteins, so the body has to work overtime secreting enzymes from the pancreas to break the food down.

“What I’m doing is what every undomesticated species on earth does—eating raw and as close to natural as possible,” he says. “Within a few months of consuming only living food, all my conditions and symptoms disappeared. I have evolved physically, emotionally and mentally.”

To help others heal, Sanchez has established a local practice, Ascension Living.

“There are so many people needlessly suffering and feeling powerless, just as I once did,” he says. I want them to know that their bodies are self-healing. Given the right environment, true health and physical freedom are inevitable.”

For more information, visit AscensionLiving.Co.


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