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‘Habit Disruption’ Remedies Tense Posture

We all carry tension that translates into seemingly harmless postural habits, and over time those habits can lead to aches, pains and injury. Kevin Munhall specializes in Habit Disruption: He identifies those harmful habits, relieves the tension, and then teaches people to move the way their bodies were designed to move—with freedom and ease.

“By changing the habits, you are able to get to the root of the issue and can address what actually causes the pain, instead of waiting for it to arrive,” he says.

A Broadway dancer and a teacher of the postural program known as the Alexander Technique, Munhall recently moved to the Hoboken area, where he’s offering Habit Disruption in private in-home sessions, as well as in group sessions in a corporate setting.

"I’m working privately with parents to help relieve and prevent the aches and pains caused by things like carrying children and breastfeeding, as well as with pregnant women to help them navigate the extra weight of a growing little human,” he says.

Muhall also leads corporate workshops and teaches private lessons in how to deal with the bodily stress of working from home or sitting at a computer for eight hours a day.

“In these classes I demystify common posture mistakes, address typical habits of interacting with technology, teach sustainable sitting postures, provide an ergonomic workspace evaluation, teach breathing techniques for stress relief and focus, and provide specific restoration exercises for recovery,” he says.

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