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Coronavirus Resources


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Ways to Calm Your Anxiety with Meditation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With all the uncertainty we are facing today surrounding COVID-19 causing individuals to develop anxious feelings, now is the perfect time to start a regular mindfulness meditation practice. Read More » 


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Virus-Free Hands and Home: Research-Proven DIY Sanitizers That Work

If we can’t use a sink and soap to ward off the COVID-19 coronavirus, a hand sanitizer can work. Here are easy, cheap and environmentally friendly formulas to make your own DIY sanitizers. Read More » 

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention Information on Coronavirus (CoVid-19)

Local Resources

Anchor Therapy

Courtney Glashow, LCSW

Children, Teens, Young Adults, Couple


Bene Mudra

James Bene: Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Mentoring, Energy Healing, Tarot Course, Free Weekly Online Meditations. Offer-20% discount all remote sessions


Healing on Hudson LLC

Cassandra Lenza, LCSW, CEDS, RYT

Therapist, Eating Disorder Specialist


Jacquie Bird, Spiritual Wellness

StressBusters Guided Meditations, Guided Meditation & Music Track Podcast Roll With Peace, In Mind - Practicing Mindfulness In A World of Fear--Coronavirus (also available on website)
7 Daily Thoughts & Mantras 4 Mindfulness-Keys 4 Stress Relief & Personal Growth-ebook


Leah Crescenzo

Hypnotherapy, RTT

Offer- Discount Past Life Sessions this month


Leah Guy

Leah Guy (author of The Fearless Path)

Private Meditation Guidance, Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Healing (includes life coaching, distance healing and meditation)

Breaking through Fear and Anxiety on DailyOM


Round Room Psychology LLC

Dr. Melany Rivera-Maldonado, Clinical Psychologist

Children, Teens and Young Adults

English and Spanish


Wellness Lab LLC

Erin Clyne, Founder and Practitioner

Self-care Consultations, Physical Therapy, Psychiatry, Reiki Healing, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Divorce Coaching

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