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Bring the Whole Family to Learn Stress Coping Skills

May 17, 2019 04:01PM

by Martin Miron

Secaucus Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi offers classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation and other mind/body techniques to improve blood circulation, release tension and balance mood swings. Adele Harris is the owner and manager of the first home-base franchise in Secaucus, which opened in 2015. She is certified by the Body and Brain Center, LLC, the International Brain Education Association USA and the Sun Institute, in Bergen County. She has studied Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi in South Korea, Arizona, New York and New Jersey for more than 10 years.

      Harris says, “Through Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi practice, you can develop self-healing skills to help improve your physical and emotional condition in a short period of time.” Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi originated in South Korea and brought to the U.S. in 1993, and now includes approximately 100 locations nationwide. There are also studios in Europe, Asia and New Zealand.

      One-on-one classes in meditation, yoga, tai chi is held at the Secaucus Home Base Center at 225 Moller Street by appointment, and group yoga tai chi classes for adults and kids (ages 6 to 16) are held at Dance Power Studio, 812 Second Street, on Sundays at 3 p.m. and for adults on Thursdays at 8 p.m.

      Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi integrates Korean principles of energy (chi) for self-healing methods with yoga stretches and brain exercises. “You do not have to be flexible,” says Harris. “This technique stimulates the energy points in the body that will help relax your body, manage emotions and awaken your innate power to help heal your physical and emotional condition.”

       Secaucus Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi has taught classes at Rutgers University, the accounting firm of Ernst & Young and the Straight and Narrow Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. Outreach programs at several senior citizen centers, and for teenagers with special needs have been well received.

      Harris notes, “Our biggest challenge is to attract more people to take charge of their physical health, manage stress and relax the racing mind. The main reason for my business success and growth is my passion to teach people how to help restore their bodies to health both physically and emotionally, in conjunction with the medical profession, and to nurture the inner power and healing energy of the brain.”

      Upcoming events include the Secaucus Green Festival on May 4; the monthly Secaucus Drumming Circle beginning June 22 through October, Walking Yoga Meditation Club once a week starting July 15 and yoga book club lectures at local libraries.


Secaucus Body and Brain Yoga Tai Chi Home Base Center is located at 225 Moller St., Secaucus. For more information, call 201-864-2095 or visit  


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